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this song is beautiful... excellent teamwork; drake especially shines on this track, nikki minaj also sounding super fresh...

girl, i gotta watch my back, 'cause i'm not just anybody... this aaliyah line was delivered perfectly. bravo.


oooh, baby
i be stuck to you like glue, baby
wanna spend it all on you, baby
my room is the g spot
call me mr. flinstone
i can make your bedrock

hottt jammm...

this semester in music...

has been awesome. total girl power...

shakira - la loba (she wolf)
britney spears - 3
miley cyrus - party in the USA
lady gaga - bad romance
kesha - tik tok (i know its stupid, but it's really catchy)

some other goodies too...

jay-z/alicia keys - empire state of mind
dj shep - miami state of mind
TI - throw it in the bag
jay sean - down
ludacris - how low can you go

not comprehensive, but substantial. god bless music...

and happy new year. it's time to review my resolutions...


so i miss my roommate and my apartment immensely. but i've REALLY been enjoying my time up here in philadelphia... i really feel like i've been making the most of my time, using every single minute. even if it means i've been running low on sleep. i don't remember who said this to me, maybe andi, or david, but i can sleep when i'm dead. life is for LIVING... and i've been living it up...

so, lots of going out. love going out in philadelphia. it really is perfect. for me at least. lots of meeting new people lots of hanging out with old friends. i really missed my friends. and reconnecting with old friends that i fell out of touch with. not all that i wanted to. but enough for now. and spending time with relatives. and church peeps. spending loads of quality time with my parents. and a little with my brothers, too... and the newest member of my family, baby caleb. my goodness. what an adorable child.

it's countdown time. only in town for a few more days...


i love the smell of sweet hookah smoke on my clothes in the morning...

i love the city of philadelphia, and all the people in it...

what i'm listening to...

so many songs on my mind lately, can't get them out of my head; this set really emphasizes my eclectic taste in music... in no particular order...

stay - jackson browne
i'd really love to see you tonight - england dan & john ford coley
trouble sleeping - the perishers
show me what i'm looking for - carolina liar
you are the best thing - ray lamontagne
something happened on the way to heaven - phil collins
human nature - michael jackson / john mayer
every girl - lil wayne & young money
knock you down - keri hilson/ne-yo/kanye
best i ever had - drake

thank god for music. it helps me deal.

sadness. greatness.

faves song. amazing performance. sorry, contribution. no more words.

looking out
across the nighttime
the city winks a sleepless eye
hear her voice
shake my window
sweet seducing sighs

get me out
into the nighttime
four walls won't hold me tonight
if this town
is just an apple
then let me take a bite

if they say -
why, why, tell 'em that is human nature
why, why, does he do me that way
if they say -
why, why, tell 'em that is human nature
why, why, does he do me that way

reaching out
to touch a stranger
electric eyes are everywhere
see that girl
she knows i'm watching
she likes the way i stare

if they say -
why, why, tell 'em that is human nature
why, why, does he do me that way
if they say -
why, why, tell 'em that is human nature
why, why, does he do me that way

i like livin' this way
i like lovin' this way

looking out
across the morning
the city's heart begins to beat
reaching out
i touch her shoulder
i'm dreaming of the street

if they say -
why, why, tell 'em that is human nature
why, why, does he do me that way
if they say -
why, why, tell 'em that is human nature
why, why, does he do me that way

i like livin' this way

no matter...

no matter what kind of day i'm having, no matter what kind of mood i'm in, this little 3 minute clip always has the ability to bring me back to center. the way it slowly builds, layer by layer, piecing together a very delicate case, to the very end, where it's just the instinctual (is that even a real word?) screams of guitar. this is the real deal.

tonight, we had a dinner party because diego was in town. it was WONDERFUL, and one of the best nights i've had in a long time, probably since the cruise (which i know wasn't really a long time ago, but still). i love having friends, even though they live far away sometimes. claire made dinner, cara brought chicken, i threw together a little salald and did the broiled tomatoes and lauren made dessert. and it just felt so natural and nice to be all together. no drama, no stress. just enjoyment of each other's company, and a bottle of peace shiraz. i loved the way our apartment felt, so full of life and laughter, and love. it was sad when everyone was gone. but john came to the rescue, i guess.

goodnight, friends. let the final exams (and my *hopefully* only all nighter this season) begin.

in awe

so many informations on the internets.

that's all.


a bizarro-world

so, i've been reading john mayer's twitter, lately; i enjoy it greatly. but i must say, it is absolutely bizarre that technology allows me, day to day, to follow what john mayer has to say.

happy easter.

i love holidays. but i hate that, as an adult, the holidays have sort of lost the magical sheen that they had for me as a child. i guess it's a good thing, a sign that my childhood holidays were good. plus, in florida, without changing seasons, they don't really have the same feeling to me. i had the family over for dinner tonight, and it was REALLY NICE, i thoroughly enjoyed myself. but i mostly did it for priyanka. i feel bad that she's growing up without a lot of family close by. i know she's luckier than some, spending time with her grandparents daily, having an aunt and uncle nearby and seeing me once in a while, but it's not the same full network i had surrounding me when i grew up...

it just intensifies my itch to move home. southeastern PA is the place for me. i've been checking job opportunities with the city of philadelphia. they currently have one position that i would 1.) want to do and 2.) be qualified for when i'm done my masters: sanitarian- basically making sure restaurants and other businesses are up to code and in compliance. i think that's along the same lines of what lauren's cousin marialaina did in connecticut... sounds like it would be fabulous. requires some sort of open exam of competence. let's hope that with barack's help, there will be multitudes more by the time i graduate.

bah. only another year. only one more year...


i love my program.
i love my classes.
i love my professors.

i love my apartment.
i love my room.
i love the convenience of all the stores on the street i live on.

but i feel trapped, and lonely. i can't go anywhere unless i drive, and places worth driving to, i don't want to go alone. why am i home alone watching tv on dvd when i'm 23, single and it's a friday night?

i hate living in this apartment complex. i'm feeling intensified cabin fever, and i hate living in the suburbs. i don't feel like myself when i'm not in a big city... i just need to hang in there for another year...

i can't wait to go to vienna. i bought a new cute new jacket at target, and adorable gray boots online this week. can't wait for them to come. i hope they fit.

i miss philadelphia.