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a bizarro-world

so, i've been reading john mayer's twitter, lately; i enjoy it greatly. but i must say, it is absolutely bizarre that technology allows me, day to day, to follow what john mayer has to say.

happy easter.

i love holidays. but i hate that, as an adult, the holidays have sort of lost the magical sheen that they had for me as a child. i guess it's a good thing, a sign that my childhood holidays were good. plus, in florida, without changing seasons, they don't really have the same feeling to me. i had the family over for dinner tonight, and it was REALLY NICE, i thoroughly enjoyed myself. but i mostly did it for priyanka. i feel bad that she's growing up without a lot of family close by. i know she's luckier than some, spending time with her grandparents daily, having an aunt and uncle nearby and seeing me once in a while, but it's not the same full network i had surrounding me when i grew up...

it just intensifies my itch to move home. southeastern PA is the place for me. i've been checking job opportunities with the city of philadelphia. they currently have one position that i would 1.) want to do and 2.) be qualified for when i'm done my masters: sanitarian- basically making sure restaurants and other businesses are up to code and in compliance. i think that's along the same lines of what lauren's cousin marialaina did in connecticut... sounds like it would be fabulous. requires some sort of open exam of competence. let's hope that with barack's help, there will be multitudes more by the time i graduate.

bah. only another year. only one more year...


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