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no matter...

no matter what kind of day i'm having, no matter what kind of mood i'm in, this little 3 minute clip always has the ability to bring me back to center. the way it slowly builds, layer by layer, piecing together a very delicate case, to the very end, where it's just the instinctual (is that even a real word?) screams of guitar. this is the real deal.

tonight, we had a dinner party because diego was in town. it was WONDERFUL, and one of the best nights i've had in a long time, probably since the cruise (which i know wasn't really a long time ago, but still). i love having friends, even though they live far away sometimes. claire made dinner, cara brought chicken, i threw together a little salald and did the broiled tomatoes and lauren made dessert. and it just felt so natural and nice to be all together. no drama, no stress. just enjoyment of each other's company, and a bottle of peace shiraz. i loved the way our apartment felt, so full of life and laughter, and love. it was sad when everyone was gone. but john came to the rescue, i guess.

goodnight, friends. let the final exams (and my *hopefully* only all nighter this season) begin.

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